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Jumat, 08 Juni 2012

Hopeless Sigh

Hello, we are Hopeless Sigh. our music genre is screamo. The members are: Kiky as vocal-scream, Harris as lead guitar, Sendy as guitarist, Alvin as the bassist, and Radit as the drummer.

How hopeless sigh formed? At first, we formed this band just for fun, and the members are only Sendy, Harris, and Alvin. And, at that time, we we're hanging out with Rashoova's Death member's, but there we're only kiky and radit, actually we don't know where we want to go, and we don't want to waste our time like a stupid person, so..........................................
We went to the studio just for fun and we felt that we matched, so, the three of us asked kiky and radit to play with us in our band, but we haven't think about our band name yet. 3 days after that, at 28th of July we officially named our band, Hopeless sigh. after it's formed, we're becoming to be more serious about this band, and we were suddenly active to write songs, finding gigs, and other stuffs
we'll be so grateful if you contact us to be on your show or promote us to your friend:)

Now we have 4 song !
- Intro
- Emptiness
- Bliss Designer
- Broken On The Outside

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