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Jumat, 18 Mei 2012

Cheat Social Empire Resources Cheat

Tools: Cheat Engine & Firefox

  1. Open Cheat Engine, Process plugin_container.exe
  2. Open Social Empires
  3. Build any Resource building
  4. In Cheat engine type 0 and then first scan
  5. Select two Villagers and put them in the building
  6. type 2 in cheat engine and press next scan!!!
  7. repeat the 5-6 steps until there is 1-5 addresses left
  8. Start a 5 Minutes Job
  9. Select speed hack and put it on 500
  10. after the job finish put the speed hack to 0
  11. Change the 1-5 Addresses you got from step 7 to 1,000,000
  12. Put the Speed hack to 0.2 and collect the Resources you got from the job
  13. Now you must be quick!!!! after the collecting finish 20 Million Food, Coins, Wood or Rock will appear
  14. Set the speed hack to 0 again
  15. Change all the values you have back to 2
  16. Put the speed hack to 1
  17. Have Fun with your unlimited Resources

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